Thursday, August 5, 2010

stainless steel and marble furniture

a few years ago i bought 10 chairs by magis called 'chair one'. in white as pictured below. i fell in love with the chairs from the moment i saw them. problem was, i wanted a marble and stainless steel table to have the chairs seated around. i googled, flipped through every interior magazine i could find, hit all the top furniture stores, yet i couldn't find a large enough table. i wanted a table that would allow 5 chairs on each side, plus arm room, plus a table wide enough that you could fit a place setting on either side, and heaps of bowls, serving platters etc in the middle. i hate being crammed at a table. 

the best table i could find would cost $15,000 and take a few months. there was no chance! i was not paying $15,000. so i googled a bit more and came across ajc metal and steel at northgate, brisbane. so i spoke to brett, took him some dimensions and they made me the table, dropped it to the marble company for the slab to be cut to size and around $2500 later, i had my table. 

then i moved house. a table with an unsecured slab of marble which ways over 550kgs is a little difficult thing to move. i had to hire a company called hector the erector in brisbane to crane it over the front fence, load it onto the truck and deliver it to my current house. it sits underneath in hiding. can't get it in the house. bumma. 

so i have decided i miss my marble and stainless steel. my solution.....side tables! they will weigh less.

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