Friday, March 4, 2011

white wisteria

the chinese wisteria is spectacular in bloom. i already have a white wisteria planted under my stairs to grow up the railings, yet i'm so impatient, i went and bought another two...both purple. i went to a few nurseries in brisbane to see what i could find, and ended up getting two which have long tentacles from lifetyle centre, 225 mount glorious road, samford. i hadn't purchased from there before yet the lady who served me was very knowledgeable and ended up giving me a free plant, being a Pandorea jasminoides 'Lady Di'. i told her of my plans for an arbor and she expects that the lady di would be the best option. several of them though. aparently they are best planted in spring yet she suggested getting them established now so they are ready to go nuts in spring.

my other favorite nursery is nova garden nursery on settlement road at the gap. i bought 12 chinese star jasmine there the other day which i've planted along the wire fence between my house and the neighbours. there is already hedges planted the length yet they are only about knee high so i need something to sort out the unsightly fence for the time being!

image from gardens blog and other sources through google images
the balcony garden
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