Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cast iron fretwork for funky interior shelving

there is a new store on james st new farm called st barts. ridiculously expensive items (for my budget!), however lovely they are. 

i really like the old cast iron fretwork being used as shelves. really good idea. i just happen to have a heap of fretwork stashed under my house which would be perfect. hmmmm. i feel a weekend project coming on.

they are all too big! where can i get my hands on smaller subway tiles

it is so frustrating not being able to find the tiles i'm after. all i want is smaller subway tiles, say 60 x 120 or 60 x 240. instead i can only find really small, or 100 x 200 or 100 x 300 or 400 or tiles in off white. it shouldn't be so hard! any of the 100s are just to big and too modern. i don't want modern....i want character. 


or perhaps this for the flooring or walls?

it is called carrara bellagio inserto 12 in. how good does it look! i think it has just convinced me to change my bathroom tiling ideas......again! image from

other images from nostalgia & now

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

taps with my new butler sink for the kitchen relocation & renovation

i'm off to traditional taps this week who are the same company as belfast sinks and ceramic kitchen sinks

they have a sale happening and i am in need of a butlers sink, taps for my bathroom and kitchen plus some other bits and pieces. good timing with the sale!

so i thought i would do some quick research on what taps to use in the kitchen with a butlers sink. i really want a slightly deco feel yet that is almost impossible on my budget in australia. maybe the next house is the deco house.

cheers, rebecca geldard for white floors, brisbane
ray white real estate queensland

Friday, November 25, 2011

guest blogger: design shuffle

hello, i’m joanna, a guest blogger for design shuffle, a great place to find interior designer’s portfolios and room after room of gorgeous designs. i write daily on interior design topics, for instance this post about whitewashed floors. we can’t let the scandinavians have all of the fun! there is something romantic about whitewashed floors. they look as lovely with rustic style as they do in a formal space. below we collected some the most beautiful whitewashed rooms from around the web. hope you enjoy the post. do any of these images evoke visions of white floors and cool decorating ideas for you? which is your favorite?

Whitewashed Floors
a transitional space, with modern and traditional elements, looks cheery with its white walls and white floors. the unevenness of the floor boards adds character to the room.
Whitewashed Floors
an elegant and refined library sparkles with a smooth whitewashed wood floor and bright white walls.
Whitewashed Floors
the ornate and glamorous furnishings play nicely with the weathered white flooring in this luxurious bathroom.
Whitewashed Floors
white walls, white floors what a lovely setting for a tufted velvet chair and white furnishings. the natural light from the window gives the room a special sparkle. wouldn’t you love to see the whimsical chandelier light up this bedroom design?
Whitewashed Floors
smooth whitewashed floors provide the perfect canvas for a seating arrangement of greige furnishings. the resulting look is very calm and relaxing.
Whitewashed Floors
from living room to bedroom, this whitewashed room provides a bit of nostalgia which is nicely paired with the uneven, rustic floorboards.
Whitewashed Floors
wide plank flooring in a wash of white gives a rustic feel to a formal dining room. this is full of dining room design ideas. could this be great design for a country estate perhaps?
Whitewashed Floors
this foyer is a nice example of the beauty of whitewashed wood flooring and Scandinavian style in the foyer. the wood flooring comes around from the main floor and up the stairs.

[ images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 /  7 / 8 ]

white floors are an open slate for design ideas! head on over to design shuffle to learn about the history of interior design and find great inspiration from san francisco interior designers and more!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

bedrooms thoughts...white floors with a contemporary monochromatic colour scheme

might as well rest your head in a nice place! time to sort out by bedroom. half painted walls is not attractive.

images from b & b italia & bleue pieces

cheers, rebecca geldard,
ray white real estate queensland

black and white bathroom theme perhaps?

i'm just about to do my bathroom and i'm been hunting firstly for a toilet suite to go with my antique pedestal basin and taps. damn they are expensive. particulary when you want art deco style. but i am not prepared to compromise. i might have to order them for the uk as there isn't much of a variety in australia, but in the meantime, i should decide on my tiling. i still really really really want marble tiles, in a subway cut, yet, the more cost effective solution is plain white subway tiles. perhaps i should go for a black and white theme??

images from here, and here via greig 

thoughts anyone??

cheers, rebecca geldard ray white  

d-bodhi recycled furniture.... perfect for that aged look to mix with my white floors

after seeing more of lee brennan's work, i was inspired to find some more recycled or reclaimed timber furniture. one of the first sites i landed on was d-bodhi.

d-bodhi’s ferum collection of industrial -looking furniture.

home made bed with aged timber

i haven't posted for awhile so seeing as @thatpeterbrewer told everyone in a conference to look at my page, i better post some stuff quickly.

so no, my blog isn't about real estate, it is about things i love. please fee free to comment or plagiarise (as long as you link back to my blog)!

at christmas i will be at my mums far and i am determined to build a bed out of some really beautiful aged time. wish me luck! this might be one of my 'not completed' projects.....again.
images from by photographer jean-marc wullschleger
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