Monday, November 30, 2009

a bit of paper mache

So I bought the paper mache for my neice and nephew, yet I am thinking i would quite like to use it myself.  I don't want to for out a lot of money for art, mostly because there are more pressing expenses, yet I would to have a few creative and quirky things around the house.

Obviously I would only have white paper mache creations around.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

elandra resort - mission beach queensland

I stayed at the Elandra Resort in Mission Beach about a fortnight ago. OMG! This place is amazing. Now if I had a partner, I would be booking a week at this place over the christmas week. Apparently summer is their quiet season as it is the tropical/wet season. What could be better, rain and thunder one minute which is perfect for snuggling and overwhelming heat the next which can be fixed with some cool beverages.

Next anniversary people, take your partner here. 1000 stars.

what an invention

They retail from $3495 each, yet I am sure I can jimmy up something simular on a weekend. Add it to the list of 'things I want to do', yet reality says it will end up on the list 'I started, and not finished'.

Could look really funky in my back yard. or even front. Too many ideas, no time to make them a reality.

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