Sunday, October 24, 2010

pot racks in the kitchen

don't these pictures look divine. i am really keen on the idea of pot racks in the kitchen. sauspans, pans, pots and scales. it would mean i have to invest in some nice pots....and as i don't cook much at least they will stay nice and shiny....but also look amazing. what a good use of space. 

image credits: decorpad

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

weekend inspiration by alex macarthur

nothing like some inspiration from google to start the day! i am inspired now to paint, clean, garden and turn my disgustingly messy house into a palace. first job - plant the three silver birch trees i bought at the markets last weekend. happy weekend. 

p.s. love the subway tiles in the bathroom. tiles to ceiling is a must. huge fan of the painted timber hardwood floors as well. just for something different!

all images from alex macarthur. you must visit the website immediately. great inspiration

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

amazing lighting

i have to repost this. these lights are amazing!
in a past issue of vogue living, or was it belle?, i'm not sure as i own so many magazines, yet i saw this picture of bistro guillaume, with its amazing lights. they remind me of jellyfish. iI have an easton pearson skirt which has several layers, which i actually in the process of destroying it to make a light shade. the skirt doesn't quite suit me on, but i hung it over a lamp shade to see how the light worked with it, and it actually looked rather striking. it will be a one-off easton pearson lighting design!

i've always been fond of aqua creations lighting since i first set my eye upon their work at ecc lighting and living, located at new farm, brisbane, australia. divine!

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colour of the moment...banana yellow.....citron...sunshine yellow

being that i am painting my house all white (slowly), i am dying to put some awnings on the front sunroom. i can't decide on the colour though. i either want stripy yellow or grey. i know the yellow will date quicker yet it could look so good.

i am buying a bright purple wisteria to grow up the side of the porch / sunroom, yet perhaps i should get a white one instead. will that be too boring?

white floors at alana hill....designed by david hicks

i've got no idea if they are timber, but i expect they will be concrete. either way i love the gloss of the floors.

found originally posted on desire to inspire.
david hick' work can be found on his website

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

post picks....

reading the 600 and something unread posts in google reader today, i thought i would share some of my favourites.

the first being some pictures on erin's house or turquoise blog post titled lee ann thornton. firstly a fan of the turquoise piping on the cushions, huge fan of the cabinetry and the tap ware. 

next in line is the black dining chairs! absolutely divine. the black cabinetry, the black and white tiles - luving it. seen on elements of style blog, with the post titled lonny anniversary issue faves

 and the mirror in the bathroom
and without question...the wardrobe

and this beautiful white house below posted on royal t designs with the post titled francesco lagnese

happy posting......rebecca geldard of ray white real estate queensland on white floors blog

verandah house.... by judy elliott

judy from verandah house (previously of lily-g in brisbane) now has her range of rattan furniture made and available for order. loving it. great work judy. i'm sure the orders will be hard to keep up with.

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