Tuesday, September 28, 2010

googling white painted floors

i thought i would do a quick google to see what images are coming up now. seems there is a lot of ones i haven't seen, and i typically have seen them all! i googled white painted floors. do the same to find the image locations. it is one of the best ways to find other blogs to follow. happy surfing.

beck geldard of ray white real estate for white floors blog. call it an addiction!

modern white hardwood floors .... how to from timothy adam designs

i was so pleased to see the post on timothy adam designs blog titled modern white hardwood floors. it is exactly what i need. a detailed how to including what equipment, why to do a mid paint sand and what paint and plenty of pictures.

hop over to timothy adam designs to see the full post. hope he doesn't mind my re posting. 

despite all my hesitation about painting my wide pine floors white, i will definitely do it now. no stopping me. probably take me 12 months though!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

turquoise painted floors and windsor smith

of all places, i find information on what to paint my floors with in instyle magazine! the 2nd picture below of the turquoise floors was featured on page 238 of october 2010 australian instyle. they recommend using cabot's cfp water-based gloss for timber floors. i popped onto their website and can't see any colours or any information that there paint isn't just a clear gloss. hmmm more research required. 

i also popped across to a post on high-heeled foot in the door to have a look at their handy work with painting their floor a similar colour. they used a paint called break-through. looks good. great inspiration. the question is should i still paint my floors white or choose another colour like turquoise? i have red couches....turquoise might look like a joke. perhaps i just recover the couches?

image credit: designer windsor smith, found on porterdesigncompany

Monday, September 13, 2010

a little retro white kitchen

so my kitchen cupboards are retro. i am not quite sure as to the age of my house yet it might be as late as 1930s. its a triple gabled queenslander cottage, which is typically a 1910s to 1930s house, yet the kitchen is a little younger in style. perhaps even 1940s.

i took some chrome table legs off a old laminate retro table that my mum had which was falling apart, and i would like to use them in the kitchen as sort of a kitchen table/chopping table. now to find matching chairs for me retro white kitchen!

image credit countryliving.com;; weheartthis.comkitchenbacksplashes.blogspot.com; apartmenttherapy.com

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barn doors.... for the bathroom

i am going to toowoomba for the weekend and whilst i was there last, i found a door perfect to use as a barn door setup for my bathroom. because of the size of my bathroom, i have decided to remove the normal door which swings as it is inconvenient and makes the space seem smaller. i am not sure how the barn door will work with noise, especially as i am moving the toilet into the bathroom.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

white timber floors with thick gloss....let's get painting

some more pictures i have collected of white painted timber floors. they are a nice crisp white. no yellowing. if only someone could tell me what product to use in australia. it is a big job that you wouldn't want to get wrong.

or painting patterns on timber floors:

image credit: rumid.dk via ink and postlyndsay fitzhugh house via the selby and ink and post; paisleywallpaper.blogspot.com; in my housein my house

white floors blog - rebecca geldard - ray white real estate 

Friday, September 10, 2010

white painted floors from elle decor

have a look at the white floors instructions from elle decor. still, not one has told me what paint to use!
• scarify the surface with 150-grit sandpaper
• wash the floor with a powdered detergent cleaner to remove all dust and deposits
• allow floor to dry completely (this may take a couple of days)
• apply a primer suitable for your paint type
• allow primer to dry overnight
• lightly sand primer with 220-grit sandpaper
• wipe floor clean with mineral spirits, using tack cloth or a rag
• apply the first, thin coat of paint with a natural-bristle brush (which creates a smooth finish, rather than with a roller, which creates a stippled finish)
• allow paint to dry 24 hours
• apply two more thin coasts, allowing 24 hours between each
After the final coat of paint, it’s acceptable to walk on the surface in socks after 24 hours. “But we really don’t want high heels or to drag that piano yet,” says Lahey. “An alkyd paint dries overnight, but takes 28 days to cure to maximum hardness.”
article from elledecor.com

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

picnic time!

i haven't been for picnic for some time. perhaps mt nebo on the weekend or toowoomba as it's carnival of flowers season.

image credits: plushpalate.blogspot.com 

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

andrew stark garden design....new website.....great inspiration

i received an email from belinda stark this week letting me know about the new andrew stark garden design website. it is quite fitting to get the email this week as i have been in toowoomba all weekend and the whole town is beautiful. with the toowoomba carnival of flowers around the corner, the town couldn't look better. i am loving the white flowering trees (don't know what they are yet they flower like peach trees) at every turn. and the agapanthus aren't flowering, yet the greenery layered around paths, fences and driveways looks brilliant. 

i drove past a small nursery whilst tripping around town today which had some beautiful weeping ornamentals. stopping there next time i am in town!

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paul bangay......inspiration from his website.

my garden certainly doesn't look like this. perhaps one day. it would include a lot of levelling. all from paul bangay's website.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

a bit of good photography


i really like discovering new websites by crawling from blog to blog. today i came across a tricia joyce inc - artist representative. there looks like there is no common thread between the different pictures above, yet tricia joyce inc represents these brilliant photographers. a lot of fashion yet a came across some good lifestyle and location shots. something to help me dream for the night. i am so over tired and need to go to bed desperately yet i am blogging to avoiding cleaning my house before going to bed. and no, i don't have time to clean on the weekend as i am off to help my brother and sister paint their house one and a half hours away so they can get it on the market in time for the spring auctions. i still haven't finished the front of my house! what the hell am i doing???

photos above all from tricia joyce inc by alec hemer and paul warchol

have a good evening! rebecca geldard - ray white real estate - queensland australia
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