Monday, April 11, 2011

douglas friedman photographer and some great interiors

i love nothing better than a charming white house. the mixture of roof lines and composition of pavilions works really well with this house. 

i'm pretty sure this picture is on the front of one of my belle magazines. love love love this concrete house. perhaps a bit cold underfoot for me. 

i really like the mirrored wall with the white walls. 

massive fan of the above bench rack. shouldn't be too expensive to get my local metal & steel company to knock this up (ajc metal products @ northgate - brisbane based stainless steel experts)

to view more of douglas friedman's work, visit his site:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

subway white

subway tiles have always been a favorite for a period queenslander cottage. my current dilemma is what height to take them too in the bathroom though? ceiling or shower height?
and for the kitchen, i love love love them laid diagonally. little challenging though. i'm going shopping for tiles this weekend!

i'm definitely having shelves above my kitchen cabinets such as this. better work out the brackets before i tile though. didn't think of that. oops!

i'm going to have a tiled shower tray rather than a shower over bath. i do like the seamless glass shower screen and i also like the little shelf above the pedestal basin. 

image credits

have a good day! 

xx rebecca geldard

bathroom renovation.....pillar taps

last night, as i watched a trail of ants disappearing behind my tiles in my shower, i thought further about getting serious with a bathroom renovation.

got a tiler - check
got a plumber - check
stud wall for plumbing to back onto kitchen wall - to do list
bathroom vanity - check
tiles - to do list
faucets - researching

i also want to relocate my toilet from the rear of the house into the bathroom. not sure of the expense of that but.....

toilet - to do list!

$92.50 RRP

$97.50 RRP

Approx $499

schotsenglish tapware  tap set for $79,
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