Friday, July 30, 2010

holiday destination in france ... one day

i came across a blog earlier called ink & post. katie blogged about hotel crillon le brave in provence, france. loving it. if only i could fit it in the diary. oh well.  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

magestic metropolitan living on

i was reading belle australia aug/sept issue tonight, which i accidentally bought twice as i didn't read the cover, and again fell in love with a few features in the home of sue hostetler who is the author of majestic metropolitan living. so i googled to find a picture of the commercial looking steel framed glass wall & doors which separates her lounge room from the dining room. i love combining old and new in similar fashion. it is hard to work out how to make this look fit without it looking forced or just ugly and uncomplimentary. 

i found a heap of the pictures of her home as well as a lot of others which i rate at


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

victoria hagan interiors and her new book

i was surfing elle decor's website and came across a reference to victoria hagan and the pending publication of her new book hictoria hagan: interior portrait. definitely one i will get asap! available in october apparently. i am pre ordering.

see more picts of her work at 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

part of the way through....slowing making a difference with a little antique white usa and a big sander

i have one more day then i am back at work. this was the house yesterday....i am a long way.....a long..long way behind my schedule. the schedule was to have the front finished. yet i am such a perfectionist; if there is any paint flaking, it comes off. and so does the rest of the paint around it. paint stripping the vj ceilings under the gables with a gas torch is painful. it is such a slow, boring and messy job, but i won't ever have to strip it again in 5 years. it will be a simple job of a new coat of paint. as one of my neighbours said today..."beck, no one is going to use a magnifying glass to check your painting, just paint over it". but i will know! and that will kill me every time i have to walk past it with my eyes open.

tapware for an art deco pedestal basin...the search continues

i fell upon the in my house blog today which has the exact same pedestal basin that i have just purchased. i have been frustrated trying to find the right tapware. yet there it is. the picture below has exactly what i am after. where to find it though???

image credits

Thursday, July 15, 2010

painting my house, stripping weatherboards, painting gutter, heaps of sandpaper

so i am on annual leave and i decided to take on the enormous task of painting my house. i am only determined to get the front done, yet it is a triple gabled queenslander so not an easy task. 1 have 2 weeks, yet i have already spent the first 1/2 week in bed with the flu.

the tools:
paint stripping and sanding is a pain. i quite enjoy it but only in small doses. i am using a orbital sander polisher which i bought on eBay for about $12. such a bargain! problem is it leaves circular marks in the grain. i started with 36grit sandpaper, moved to 60 then 100 to finish.

i found a great attachment for an angle grinder stripping back paint fast. it is a jorso brumby. it is made from fibreglass it does the job just perfectly and it lasts forever!

next i bought a belt sander. 1000w with sanding sheets with grit of 60, 80 and 100. brilliant for going over the boards once i have finished with the sander polisher. the one i bought was an ozito for $49 at bunnings, yet it has a finner tip than this one below which is really great for tight spaces. it also has a 3 year replacement warranty so i am keeping my receipt. a good buy!

oh and the colour i am painting the house: antique white usa by dulux. i am using solarguard paint though as it only requires 2 coats and is a primer, base coat and topcoat in one. i will probably give it 3 coats though as i am pedantic.

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