Monday, May 31, 2010

white beautiful white.....white interiors to inspire you

it doesn't matter how much i like white, a clutter free white home is not for me. i'm not neat enough, i have two very active dogs and brown dirt. i am still going for a mostly white palette, yet slashes of black and red, only because i own so much red, will have to suffice. i still dream of painting my timber floors white. i don't think i have the courage though.

the website isn't english so i have no idea what it says. yet i know the photo is by Martin Sølyst - Tekst: Eva-Marie Wilken og Mette Thomsen - 04.10.2009
images from here

Saturday, May 29, 2010

claire forlani's home.......definately a favourite

i loved these pictures mostly because of the hexagonal stone/slate tiles.  then i saw it was claire forlani's own house. she is absolutely stunning. the wallpaper in her bedroom is the same wallpaper, although in a different colour, as the cirque cafe in new farm. a favourite of most locals. thanks to megan of mimi & meg for posting.

{posted  mimi&meg from domino magazine}

black and white interiors...simplistic

i've always loved sleep contemporary design with a monochromatic palette. very different to the rest of my blog. nice to mix it up every now and then.

{b-arch from with article titled timeless black and white house interior}

Thursday, May 27, 2010

emily gilbert photography..loving the bathroom and the barn door

i'm 100% now on replacing my bathroom door with a barn door. i just have to buy the hardware, find or make the door and away i go. wish me luck. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

bathroom .... i am so undecided about what i like

{picture of Heather Cameron's ensuite from her blog a day in the country
loving the floor tiles. 

{Anita Kaushal blogged on decor8}

contemporary kitchen island bench and subway tiles

subway tiles, kitchenware on display and a kitchen island bench. it's a thought; moving the sink into the middle of the kitchen.....could work. out comes the tape measure.

{jill sharp found posted on pink wallpaper}

{Anita Kaushal blogged at}



paul massey.....can't keep away from this home

i haven't seen these photos of photographer paul massey's house yet. i could easy live here. i would love to collect the le creuset cookware set in white. bit of an expense though. particulary for someone who doesn't cook much.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

wellbeing....i think i need this

whilst on a flight back to brisbane from arec (australasian real estate convention) i spent some quality time with my favourite past time…..magazines. country living and instyle. i was bewitched by a picture of the suite ile aux oiseaux at les sources de caudalie near bordeaux designed by maison martin margiela. no wonder why….its stunning. we spend so much of our life sleeping, why not make the last image you see at night and the first image you seen in the morning inspirational and one which is able to capture your best thoughts through visual stimulation. it’s the same process as playing a song which makes you feel your best whilst driving to work. create the same sensation with your eyes. my bedroom is getting a serious overhaul shortly with this thought in mind. but what to do?

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