Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bathroom basin, toilets and other thoughts

it would be really nice to have some 1930s style art deco taps to finish the bathroom off. by the time i get an art deco squarish toilet, basin taps and spout, taps for the shower and a shower head, you would think i would be done. yet then there are the the little lights to go beside the mirror, toilet roll holder, towel rail, and i am sure i have forgotten others. adds up to heaps of $$$. ouch. 

duravit 1930s range from waterloo.ie and retrorenovation.comgerber Logan Square ErgoHeight Elongated Toilet from gerberonline.comremodelista.comBailey's 1930s bathroom set blogged on remodelista.comperrin & rowe toilet from english tapware companyYorkshire Design Associatesjgkitchens.blogspot.comhomeandstone.comCalifornia Faucetsbrizo tapware featured on designsbybsb.com; cifial USA featured at kitchendesignnotes.com

Monday, June 28, 2010

black timber cladding....for my house extension

when you have a property on a long skinny block which is on a street corner, there is an additional concern which you wouldn't have if you were on the corner. will my house look great from the front, yet like an ugly skinny barn from the side! 

my house is a triple gabled queenslander cottage on a 10m x 40m block. with the roof pitch the way it is, if i continue it then yes.....the house will look like a barn. so i have to be creating with any extensions, yet still sympathetic to the character. my solution is to have the extension quite modern, yet still tied into the existing building by either a similar use of materials, same colour palette or a complimentary colours. 

my house will be white.....then extension can be black or gray.  

image credits
archinspire.commocoloco.com, realestate.com.au

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a girls favorite room......bathrooms thoughts

so i am just about to start doing some work to my bathroom. am i game enough to add wallpaper? not quite sure. i love the old style free standing basins and i do actually have a really old one, yet it is pink. quotes came back at around $600 to re-enamel it as it is cast iron. perhaps it is more cost effective to buy a new one that is similar in style. time to go shopping. and toilets? what toilet looks good?

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my laptop background moodboard

i spend a lot of time each day looking at my laptop so why not have use the idea of a moodboard as the background. 

the picture to the left in the middle, was the same entrance hallway that was in a movie i was watching the other day on foxtel. can't for the life of me remember it. it was a really bad movie though!

Friday, June 18, 2010

marble subway tiles....

i love nothing more than white kitchens with subway tiles. im also liking the stools.

image credit

Monday, June 14, 2010

favourite bed look for the moment

i think i saw this image on the cover of one of the elle decoration issues. i haven't managed to find the issue again to buy it. i have had my bed on the floor for about 2 years now whilst i have contemplated what do do about bedroom furniture. it has been quite low on my list so i only contemplate every few months. after seeing this image, i bought some fabric at the magnolia interiors sale about a week or so ago. i bought a lovely warm blue which is deeper than a pastel blue, and also a big chunk of pink leather. the two colours compliment each other nicely so i might have some fun with some timber, foam and a staple gun in the coming weeks. 

image credit

white denim couch covers


i have 2 red natuzzi couches which i love as they are soooo comfortable, yet i am over the red. we all know i like all white interiors yet my little dog, pj, has a habit of wiping his face along the bottom of the couches after he has had a meal or when he has an itch. he knows when i am watching so when i leave the room or look away, off the little rat goes just to spite me. i can't bare to banish him from the indoors, so i have to be careful with my choice of new upholstery fabric. if i do go white, perhaps white denim slip covers will solve my problems? at least this way i can nappy san them or have them drycleaned. 

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