Thursday, January 28, 2016

a few more snaps of my river cottage

My labour of love

it's been a little over a year since the renovations have been complete. 

as far as cute white cottages go, for me my home is 9/10 with its exterior. 

the only other thing i would like is a nice swing seat on the front porch. 

love coming home to this house. my little white river cottage

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

this little workers cottage might be the next project

The roofing is not tiled. It is actually tin/metal roofing tile sheeting. Interesting
The back boundary is 1m from the back of the house. Also interesting
The exterior of the house is vinyl sheeting. Hmmmm maybe
The front exterior wall is hardy plank. Could it get any worse?
But, it still has potential and the position is great. I'd have to do a building inspection to see what is under the vinyl cladding.

And then the fun starts. Gardens and paint. The gutters and exterior needs to be spray-painted off white and all the balustrading painted white. The green, or all bar the roof, needs to go asap.

Plant some pleached hedges, ad some Chinese star jasmine and a few native gardenias. Then a few bulbs for spring and it will be home sweet home. 

The house looks a little awkward on the block currently as there is about 4m between the left hand side of the house and the boundary, and about 7m on the right hand side. It isn't positioned well on the block so any planting would have to be symmetrical with the boundary so that the house can be repositioned later on the block.

Now all I have to do is buy it.  

and they bloomed in time for auction day


sold my little home

With 15 bidders it was on...or should I say it went off.

All that hard work paid off. And can say it was the best I've seen my little cottage look.

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