Wednesday, January 27, 2010

provincial home living

i opened the latest edition of australian country style this morning stopped instantly on page 5. the advert for provincial home living caught my eye as i love the block book case. it is exactly what i want, but i dont want to buy one, i want to build one. wish me luck. i also have a hall table which looks simular to the desk. if i build the hutch bit to go overtop, it will be perfect. might need to buy a router. back to ebay i go.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's complicated kitchen

yes the movie was great. but that kitchen is going to be mine. minus the arch. arches are just not my thing.



all images originally from universal pictures.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my book wishlist

By Jordi Sarra
By Cathy Strongman

The New French Decor: Living with Timeless Objects
By Gilles Trillard (Photographs by) and Michele Lalande
By Gail Abbott

Next Houses: Architecture for the Twenty-first Century
By Ron Broadhurst
By Margaret Russell

A Passion for Blue & White
By Carolyne Roehm

By John Saladino and Paula Rice Jackson

Mirrors of Paradise: The Gardens of Fernando Caruncho
By Gordon Taylor and Guy Cooper

Dream Homes Country: 100 Inspirational Interiors
By Johanna Thornycroft and Andreas von Einsiedel

The White Home: Creating Homes You Love to Live in
By Caroline Clifton-Mogg

French Country Living
By Caroline Clifton-Mogg

Courtyards for Modern Living: Contemporary Outdoor Spaces
By Stephen Crafti

Bazaar Style: Decorating with Market and Vintage Finds
By Debi Treloar and Selina Lake and Joanna Simmons

Neutra (Taschen Basic Art Series)
By Barbara Lamprecht

At Home with White
By Polly Wreford and Atlanta Bartlett and Karena Callen

Glamour: Making it Modern
By Metropolitan Home (Edited by) and Michael Lassell

Island Life: Inspirational Interiors
By David Flint Wood and India Hicks and David Loftus

The Enchanted Garden
By Paul Bangay and Simon Griffiths

Flea Market Style
By Debi Treloar and Emily Chalmers
All are available at if your buying from Australia. They also have quite good discounts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i have fallen in love, with good manors gardens...


If you only visit one page this year, make it For those of you not in Australia and able to employ these artists, what a shame!

In selling real estate in the last few years; it amazes me the number of people who don't bother to spend money or time on the presentation of their garden. To be honest, I believe a well-designed and manicured garden can add at least 30% to the sale value, if the property had very drab gardens. Think about it.

If goodmanors do happen to come across this blog and want their pictures removed, please let me know and i will do so immediately. I'm a firm believe of word of mouth, so consider this blog of mouth. Free, positive publicity doesn't hurt anyone.
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