Thursday, May 28, 2009

Picture Frames

Liza Bedroom Combination, by John Merrill Interiors

{Photo Credit: Michael Price}

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home in Finland - For Sale Actually.


love the lights
Marnz - Laura Ashley Wallpaper. The floor runner is a bit much.

Property Sold at Auction Last Week

My colleague Michael Lund sold this amaizing apartment at auction last week in The Establishment, Chester Street, Newstead/Fortitude Valley. In reality, it was a very basic apartment layout, and a nice building, but certainly no Cutters Landing. Hasn't the interior designer done wonders. Presentation is everything when selling, and what a price it achieved.

French Planters

Now these are nice! I would like 5 in white please Rodney - and another 5 for Marnz i would think! I think we could make these. I am dying to buy a circular saw and a few other tools, then i think i would be capable.

they are all from this great website (which i saw in a magazine i was flicking thought at the newsagents)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

things i like

And here it is in pink! I love it. Have to have it!

Turns out i can get it printed, from my grandmother would certainly think this is gay. Gay in her world, meant 'happy'. She wasn't familiar with its more current meaning.

image from

Flamingos!. image from livingetc gallery.

And there it is grandmother's wallpaper. She must have had good taste in her day.

image from
{Photos by Debi Treloar}

Wallpaper: Cole & Son

`Wallpaper found at Graham & Brown.

Above is the exact wallpaper which was in my grandmothers house on my mother's side. It had a pink background. I have to get my hands on this.

The website has some brilliant ideas. Both my grandmother's houses had naked ladies wallpaper in the bathrooms/toilets. One grandmother stated it was the cheapest, and she has never taken notice it is naked ladies. Well when your brother is 5 years old, he certainly takes notice!

black and white apartment interior

Coles and son wallpaper. Images from

wacky rooms

These images are from a funky hotel called Hotel Fox. They have 61 rooms, painted/presented by 21 artists. You definately need to check it out: Hotel Fox

Artist: Pandarosa – Australia.

Monday, May 25, 2009

white timber ceiling

Image from

The ceilings are white, so i think it qualifies to be here! If only Brisbane had a cafe like this. The closest i have seen to this is perhaps Vanilla Pod on Lancaster Rd, Ascot.

more white floors......

all images from inspace

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