Thursday, August 12, 2010

quirky old style kitchen and other kitchen ideas for my cottage

so the trestles are going back today, yet the front isn't finished so it will take me a few more weekend with ladders etc. the next project to finish (as i have already started) is the kitchen. stripping back the rest of the vj's, painting it white, and then paining the cupboards. i am going to raise the kick board as well so the cupboards will be elevated as they are very low at the moment, and i get a sore neck if i try and prepare some dinner. i have been thinking of painting the cupboards black, yet i think i will go white. at least it is easier to paint black over white if i don't like it. if it was the other way around, i would have to strip back to bare timber again. too hard basket.  

below is some inspiration. i really like the shelves in the dining room. i am thinking about doing something similar in my dining room, yet that is a project for another year.



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