Friday, February 3, 2012

paul owen...owen & vokes architects brisbane

i had a call from paul the other day and thought i would take a look at his website to see what new projects there are on there.

i thought i'd share this house which is titled 'four-room cottage'. divine!

to see more go to paul owen's website

absolutely loving this shelf with the crockery on it. i'm calling my builder to change plans now!

xx rebecca geldard
ray white hastings street noosa peregian beach peregian springs, north sunshine coast

Thursday, February 2, 2012

and the fun begins

i usually take on a little too much yet perhaps this time i have gone insane. not only have i moved to the sunshine coast to run three real estate offices......i'm also doing the renovations i have been meaning to do for years so that i can rent the house out....only to a friend though!  god forbit a stranger be allowed to touch my gardens.
the kitchen will now be the 2nd bedroom, and the second bedroom will now be the kitchen. oh and i'm doing the bathroom as well. now that was fun. i'm good at distruction, just not so good at completing construction.

so the first dilema. i have to move a window. i can't have the gas cooktop directly underneath the window. i'm thinking of doing a higher long narrow window now which will also give me more privacy, considering that wall faces the street. 

where else to look for ideas then my favorite website showing work of owen and vokes architects. i've sold property for paul owen before and now i hear that one of his creations might be coming on the market. if only it was at noosa.

the top image is from owen and vokes.
to view work from owen and vokes click here

xx rebecca geldard
ray white noosa hasting street peregian beach peregian springs.... anywhere on the sunshine coast really
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