Friday, November 5, 2010

vincente wolf's loft

my all time favourite...glossy white floors, black and white pictures and open space. pity my queenslander cottage will never resemble this as it is tiny, but i can always dream. perhaps my next home should be some random industrial or old commercial building in spring hill or surrounds. they are a little costly though!

the below images are of designer vincente wolf's loft apartment. there is a great article about the residence on david patrick columbia's new york social diary.

have a good weekend! rebecca geldard - ray white real estate - brisbane, queensland, australia


  1. Every time I see this apartment, I swoon over those glossy white floors.

  2. if only i knew exactly what paint he used!

  3. What a beautifull blog you have.
    Here in Sweden I´m watching the first snow falling down.



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