Friday, November 26, 2010

victoria hagan interior portraits.......i now own it

i blogged the other day about some books i am wanting to add to my collection. One being victoria hagan's interior portraits. it retails around the net in aud for about $67. i picked up a copy yesterday at highfields (outside toowoomba) believe it or not. in a cute little shop named simple things, small joys. turns out they have a blog i don't know why the shop assistant/owner didn't mention the shop's blog to me as i mentioned i had seen the book on a blog. 

i picked up victoria hagan's book for $49. great buy. thank you!

next time i get to highfields i will have to have more of a look around this little shops tucked back from the road. the simple things, small joys shop is in abbie lane, a little set of boutique country style shops off the new england hwy, opposite the church. 


  1. The book looks wonderful. I must add it to my Christmas list :o)

  2. i might have to buy it again. my girlfriend stole it last night claiming that she needs to keep it to have a good look when having a glass of wine. i might not see it again. :(

  3. Im with Ange, I think I need a copy on my xmas wish list as well!!

  4. Nice Interior decoration, I like your collection.Floors Direct


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