Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some icing on my christmas wishlist

i guarantee that if i want any of these, i will be buying them myself.

i was in new farm in brisbane yesterday and drove past the chelsea de luca shop. this little boutique shop not only has the most amazing distressed black timber floors, but heaps and heaps of stunning mouth-watering jewelery.

the jewelery has been warn by beyonce, rose byrne, gwyneth paltrow and many more beauties. the style is old world charm. very much like the 1920's - 1940's. some pieces a little art deco. 

the label is described "The label was born out of a strong belief that accessories maketh the outfit and costume jewelery gives individuality to any style. The bigger and bolder the better."

a visit to their website is a must. you can also shop online.

if any males read this blog before christmas, if you don't buy your wife a piece, she has the right to burn all your sporting memorabilia! fair compromise.

again, their website

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