Saturday, August 1, 2009

quaint little kitchens

I have a tiny kitchen, yet it suits me perfectly as I'm not much of a cook. My current kitchen is a very old 1920s, slightly retro/art deco which would renovate beautifully. Although I have a lot of unfinished projects (bad habit of mine), I really want to get into the kitchen soon. The benches are really low, so I need to pull the kitchen off the wall, make a new kickboard, raise the kitchen, sand and repaint it completely, replace the draw bottoms and shelves (as they have worped), and replace the horrid tiling, benchtops, sink and tapware. Only a little project :).

The pictures below were all saved in my hard drive over the past 12 months, but i can't find the websites/designers they belong too. I would love to pass credit to the owners of these pictures, so feel free to let me know who they are!

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