Monday, August 17, 2009

my sunday ... demolition


So this is my weekends work. Or should I just say Sunday, as Saturday is still a work day in my life. My house faces west, so there is a problem with sun, but I like sunrooms to look like sunrooms, entry porches like entry porches. It is pointless to have a little room, which is the entrance to your house as a little room with no use, bar somewhere to leave your shoes. In winter, it is drenched in afternoon sun which is divine. In summer, the windows were blocking any breezes. So I got to work with my Dewalt Hammerdrill. And drilled out 8 screws per window, and 10 windows to achieve the look. the bottom 2 photos are of my house when I bought it in September 2007. The top 3 are my house now. And yes, it needs a repaint and the hedges need a trim, but with 1 day a week off, and an attitude of 'why pay someone else for what I am capable of doing', not much gets done. I also pulled off the green and white awning on the front, so this weekend I have to pull the other two off, and the awning from the front of my bedroom window. They are so ugly! My new dewalt reciprocating saw (new meaning bought 2nd hand off ebay), did part of the trick. A hammer, long screwdriver and a crowbar did the rest.

I'm such a tomboy~ with pretty clothes though!

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