Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Modern Country Houses


Mount Macedon House by Inarc Design
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I have a fascination with two types of country houses; ultra modern with a post war style twist, and late 1800s early 1900s cottages. My dream would be to own two country houses. Perhaps build one at Cedar Creek, near Samford in Brisbane, and another in the mountains, up near Mount Nebo or Mount Glorious. It could also be a business proposition, weekly rents of say $4000. I'm sure if you marketed it correctly to an international market, it could be a really money maker. I would definately like a full time gardener to maintain both. What a devine idea, hopefully it will make it to a reality.

The Wheatsheaf Home
One of my favourite country/bush houses. I first saw it in about 2003, and it has cropped up in several books i have purchased since.

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