Tuesday, July 20, 2010

part of the way through....slowing making a difference with a little antique white usa and a big sander


i have one more day then i am back at work. this was the house yesterday....i am a long way.....a long..long way behind my schedule. the schedule was to have the front finished. yet i am such a perfectionist; if there is any paint flaking, it comes off. and so does the rest of the paint around it. paint stripping the vj ceilings under the gables with a gas torch is painful. it is such a slow, boring and messy job, but i won't ever have to strip it again in 5 years. it will be a simple job of a new coat of paint. as one of my neighbours said today..."beck, no one is going to use a magnifying glass to check your painting, just paint over it". but i will know! and that will kill me every time i have to walk past it with my eyes open.

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