Thursday, July 15, 2010

painting my house, stripping weatherboards, painting gutter, heaps of sandpaper


so i am on annual leave and i decided to take on the enormous task of painting my house. i am only determined to get the front done, yet it is a triple gabled queenslander so not an easy task. 1 have 2 weeks, yet i have already spent the first 1/2 week in bed with the flu.

the tools:
paint stripping and sanding is a pain. i quite enjoy it but only in small doses. i am using a orbital sander polisher which i bought on eBay for about $12. such a bargain! problem is it leaves circular marks in the grain. i started with 36grit sandpaper, moved to 60 then 100 to finish.

i found a great attachment for an angle grinder stripping back paint fast. it is a jorso brumby. it is made from fibreglass it does the job just perfectly and it lasts forever!

next i bought a belt sander. 1000w with sanding sheets with grit of 60, 80 and 100. brilliant for going over the boards once i have finished with the sander polisher. the one i bought was an ozito for $49 at bunnings, yet it has a finner tip than this one below which is really great for tight spaces. it also has a 3 year replacement warranty so i am keeping my receipt. a good buy!

oh and the colour i am painting the house: antique white usa by dulux. i am using solarguard paint though as it only requires 2 coats and is a primer, base coat and topcoat in one. i will probably give it 3 coats though as i am pedantic.



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  2. Congrats, Rebecca! You did a great job there. I admire girls who work on usual men works. Anyway, I also painted our St. Louis gutter last weekend, but I'm still searching for some ideas on how to make it a little less obvious.


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