Friday, September 4, 2009

cottage garden appeal


So this is my dilema, I have a sloping rear yard, only gradually, but enough so the water runs towards the rear left during heavy rain. A gravel pit under the rear corner should fix a part of this problem. The water is naturally meant to run that direction, as my street and the street behind are part of the catchment for the Kedron Brook river so it isn't a bad thing, yet the pooling in the rear corner is annoying. I had the mango tree stump grinded out yesterday which was interesting to watch, so hopefully the water will use that section of ground to drain. I thought i would find some garden inspiration pictures, as i really want to get it established quick smart. More hard yakka for my only day off!

image credits (in order and hyperlinked to original site) this website has step by step instructions to create this look. Just want I need, instructions!

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  1. Nice blog...this has been a wonderful garden tour-thanks for sharing!


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