Tuesday, September 1, 2009

black and white interior inspiration


Don't you just love Elle Decor. It is my 2nd favorite magazine, after Belle. Third would have to be Vogue Living. Perhaps when I have a few dollars behind me, I will venture into the world of magazines, or maybe I could be a location scout. Even better, I will own a selection of properties, about 10, which would be used for photos shoots, film sets etc. For the meantime, if I ever finish my house, I might be able to make a few thousand dollars here and there by having a few commercials or photo shoots conducted in the house. I better get renovating. It's 11:53pm at night, so I don't think I am going to start tonight!

image credits

Elle Decor - via candacerose.typepad.com
Elle Decor - article 'At Home with Anna Sui'
Elle Decor - article 'At Home with Bagley Mishka'

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