Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fiddle Leaf Fig


My plant of the moment, is the Ficus lyrata, or fiddle leaf fig. I googled for hours last night trying to find it. D.I.G which has a mention and link to their website further down on my blog, have 2 outside their shop on James St New Farm. They look divine.

I am certainly no green thumb, but I will continue to try. I planted 5 native gardenias within the past 2 months, as I love their green glossy leaves and little white flowers. I have had two similar looking more mature native gardenias in the garden but wasn't sure if they were the same. I missed seeing the plants flower, yet they have these green fruit which turn yellow and then fall off, for my dogs to devour. When given the opportunity, they become quite a good privacy screen, and are certainly a good looking plant.

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