Friday, September 3, 2010

a bit of good photography



i really like discovering new websites by crawling from blog to blog. today i came across a tricia joyce inc - artist representative. there looks like there is no common thread between the different pictures above, yet tricia joyce inc represents these brilliant photographers. a lot of fashion yet a came across some good lifestyle and location shots. something to help me dream for the night. i am so over tired and need to go to bed desperately yet i am blogging to avoiding cleaning my house before going to bed. and no, i don't have time to clean on the weekend as i am off to help my brother and sister paint their house one and a half hours away so they can get it on the market in time for the spring auctions. i still haven't finished the front of my house! what the hell am i doing???

photos above all from tricia joyce inc by alec hemer and paul warchol

have a good evening! rebecca geldard - ray white real estate - queensland australia

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