Monday, June 28, 2010

black timber cladding....for my house extension


when you have a property on a long skinny block which is on a street corner, there is an additional concern which you wouldn't have if you were on the corner. will my house look great from the front, yet like an ugly skinny barn from the side! 

my house is a triple gabled queenslander cottage on a 10m x 40m block. with the roof pitch the way it is, if i continue it then yes.....the house will look like a barn. so i have to be creating with any extensions, yet still sympathetic to the character. my solution is to have the extension quite modern, yet still tied into the existing building by either a similar use of materials, same colour palette or a complimentary colours. 

my house will be white.....then extension can be black or gray.  

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  1. Great things about timber flooring is that it can endure wear and tear over the years. If it maintained well it can last over centuries!


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