Monday, May 31, 2010

white beautiful white.....white interiors to inspire you

it doesn't matter how much i like white, a clutter free white home is not for me. i'm not neat enough, i have two very active dogs and brown dirt. i am still going for a mostly white palette, yet slashes of black and red, only because i own so much red, will have to suffice. i still dream of painting my timber floors white. i don't think i have the courage though.

the website isn't english so i have no idea what it says. yet i know the photo is by Martin Sølyst - Tekst: Eva-Marie Wilken og Mette Thomsen - 04.10.2009
images from here


  1. I just love white! When I come home, that soothing feeling is just perfect! Thanks for the inspiring pictures! xo

  2. Lovely interiors, white always works.
    Your dogs are adorable, so cute.


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