Monday, May 25, 2009

why blog


A girlfriend got me onto searching blogs for inspirational pictures. Her favourite is lily-g by Judy Bandiera.

I'm considering painting my floors white, and need some inspiration/guidance. They are currently a yellow toned pine board. The house was built around 1914, and i would expect the floors have been sanded and varnished within the past 10 years.

Above is the pictures which were used when the house was for sale. I skipped past it about 5 times on before i rang the agent who had it for sale and decided to have a look. The house certainly didn't look impressive, or even nice, but the location was brilliant. That afternoon, i bought it by making an unconditional offer (no finance, no building and pest, no cooling-off period) and handed over a deposit cheque. I could tell that at least 12 stumps needed replacing. I didn't need to pay someone $500 to tell me that! Seen one building inspection, seen them all!

So in short, i want to redo the floors (i have already started painting walls inside, Antique White USA by Dulux).

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